When printing your wedding invitation you need to plan the design properly otherwise it may end up looking cheap and far from classy and what you want it to be. So here are few tips that you should keep in mind.

Stick to a style
Everyone has a unique style therefore make sure that there is a style in the card as well. If you are having a themed wedding then you definitely need to stick to a theme and a style. Most people make the mistake of just going with anything and not putting too much thought into Letterpress invitations like this. But keep in mind that it is always best to pick a style or put together a few styles make your own and that style should carry through out.

Get the right font
Getting right font can make a world of difference to the card. Unless there is a theme that you are going with then just try and stick to the types of fonts that are timeless and mostly used for wedding invitations. Your printers and designer will know what these types of fonts are so get their advice on it.

The size
This is the most practical issue in creating letterpress printing Sydney. These are normally designed to fit inside a standard sized envelope. When working with printer to get this job done you need to make the cards to fit the standard envelopes sizes that the printers have. So the first task is to see the size of the envelopes available and then decide on the size of the card itself.

Photography is under used these days and that makes an intriguing idea. Pick a good location and a good photographer and few good looking shots of you both. Find a good editor or printers that have good photo editing services and get your picture in the invitation. A good picture of the bride and groom is a perfect way to send out those invitations to your family, loved ones and friends. Try not to go with flow but do something and id unique and fresh. Theme weddings are a fun way of incorporating creativity on your special day but make sure that the theme gets carried out to the cards as well. It will serve as a small preview to your as to what they can expect. Incorporating a photograph will definitely serve as a souvenir for your invitee as well. In many weddings the guest see the bride or groom for the first time on the wedding day so this is a good way to introduce each other to the families and friends.