A man needs to earn his bread and butter. This is the normal expectation of the society. The society has its own perception on the different living standards of people. Generally it is the man, who is the head of the family is expected to go for a good job and earn. But at present this perception and discrimination has changed and society even respects the working women. Finding a job or an employment in the current society is similar to finding a needle fallen in a hay stack. Why? Because there is more competition and a large number of unemployed people. Unemployment is a general issue cultivating at present. The reason is that not everyone gets a proper education. Everyone does not at times get lucky to have an education that they prefer. This may happen due to their family background, various religious concerns or due to the limited economical status.  Therefore a person’s job may vary in accordance to the education qualification he or she has.

The society has another opinion about the range or standards of people. The general norm is that a higher class person would only be doing a job that suits his standards. These are called the white collar jobs. Doctors, engineers, bankers, lawyers, judges, are for example considered as people doing white collar jobs. The society shows an extra respect towards these people. But this does not mean that one should discriminate or look down upon a person doing a blue collar   job. Normally blue collar jobs are done by a manual employer.  Plumbers, dryer repairs in Parramatta, carpenters, drivers, etc are examples of people doing a blue collar job. But this is the view of one part of the society.

However it does not matter whether it is a person with a higher class job or a manual employer s as long as they are of use to the society and provides their services to people. A doctor, even though he is educated and well established will at some point in life need the help of a plumber or a carpenter. They also ease up others work and does involve in building up a better society. For example the society looks at the garbage collectors as people doing an odd job. If these minor employer such as the municipal council staff goes on strike even for a week the whole environment we live in would stink. It is then we would know the value of these minor employers. Therefore people in any jobs whether it is a white collar job or a blue collar job must be respected equally by the society.