Bridge construction these days is very different from the construction process which used to take place in the past. It is said that process of bridge construction has tremendously improved because of the advancements to both science and technology. Lighter materials which could endure a great load are available for a cheaper price which also makes the process faster. Different varieties of construction equipment also have been introduced which makes it easier to finish off a bridge in a smaller period.

Bridge PlanningWhen it comes to the planning process it involves the expertise of a lot of individuals. Electrical engineers, Mechanical engineers, civil engineers and even computer engineers are required for the planning process of a bridge. The planning will evolve around the equipment’s which will be used along with the bridge’s budget and its site details. Designs can usually vary from bridge type to bridge type. The most popular bridge types are arch, beam, cantilever, truss and suspension bridges. It’s important to do the necessary tests after the construction has taken place. Therefore, by looking into pile integrity testing you could make sure that the bridge is safe.

Foundation of the bridgeThe next step after planning is the foundation of the bridge. This brings the bridge one step closer to deployment. When the foundation is being laid, you need get the detailed geotechnical values of the site. It’s also essential to select the type of foundation. It could either be a well foundation, open foundation or a pile foundation. Based on the characteristics of the site and the capacity of the bearing the foundation will be chosen. You could also make use of engineering’s feats. This is to ensure that nothing collapses when the digging is taking place. It is a known fact that tunnels could face sudden failures. Once the foundation is laid you could carry out concrete scanning in Brisbane just to be sure.

Equipment used during construction During the stage of construction heavy equipment’s will be greatly used. Equipment such as formworks, asphalt mixers and bulldozers will be regularly needed to ensure that the construction moves forward without any interruptions. Therefore, it’s important to clearly identify the equipment’s which will be needed during the process of planning. For this you might have to look into both the superstructure design and the foundation.

Testing the bridgeIt is said a known fact that a lot of money would be spent during the process of construction. Therefore, you might have to carry out tests before the construction is to begin. This will ensure if the bridge could be built on that particular location or not.