Though becoming fit has become a priority for some people, for others such costs make signing up to a gym or health club a deal-breaker. The cost of a gym membership has steadily increased over the last couple of years as the culture of becoming fit and healthier spreads. Now, on average a membership is $77 per month, with added fees for extra sessions or for use of some facilities.

Some personal trainers are establishing their own businesses independently, without any affiliation to a health club or gym and it is not difficult for the average person to take up the same principles for their own purposes. People believe that in order to lose weight, a gym membership is a requirement. In actuality, it is easy to lose weight at home or by using facilities that are freely available to you.

Take a step outsideWalking around the local neighbourhood can prove more beneficial for some than walking on a treadmill at the gym. This is because natural terrain will work different muscles in the legs, helping tone the legs quicker.

Nowadays health clubs not only include a typical gymnasium but other facilities such as a swimming pool or squash court. People often forget that there are public tennis courts and the beach for all to enjoy. Not only are these facilities free but also give people the opportunity to appreciate and interact with others in their community. If you are  after personal training certification in Melbourne, go here.

Additionally in the beginner stages of losing weight, basic movement counts more than rigorous exercise. Especially in the first couple of weeks, a daily walk with a minimum of 20 minutes will prepare the body into weight loss mode. This will also assist in preparing the body for a lifestyle change and not a fad diet that will end in a week.

Taking a group fitness class onlineThe proliferation of the Internet has meant that access to new workout sessions has never been easier. Anything from beginner yoga classes to fast-paced cardio group fitness classes can be brought to the people with the click of a button. These online workouts are typically filmed so that the individual still feels that they are part of the actual gym session – just without paying the extravagant fee.

What to eatPersonal trainers study the quickest, most effective ways to burn excess weight. For the most part, this relates to exercise and the best ways to keep active. However, personal trainers also learn which foods are better for weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, while heavy gym sessions will assist in rapid weight loss, without a change in diet, the weight will not stay off. An excess of fast food, alcohol and an overloading of carbs is a lifestyle that needs to be replaced with a diet filled with a large range of vegetables, lean protein and lots of water.

Improving one’s health doesn’t necessarily mean putting a dent in the savings account. Ultimately, there are many cost-effective ways to get fit, ways that personal trainers use themselves to make their money.