Ever walked into a village housing display homes surrounded by neatly manicured lawns and boasting beautiful gardens? If you have, then somewhere in your mind’s eye you were picking out all the highlights and putting them together in your imagination to build your own dream home. After all that is what the very purpose of a display home is. It is a marketing tool designed to showcase the builders’ work craftsmanship. Think of it as a taste test of sorts.

In some instances when you walk out of a display home village, you might have made a decision on what you would like to have or not have featured in your home or perhaps the builders’ workmanship impressed you so much you might choose to hire them to build your dream house.

In other cases, you might decide to buy a display home as an investment property before either putting it back on the market or moving in yourself. If you do purchase a display home at the end of its display period, keep in mind that it may not have all the features that a typical house includes such as a hot water system. In some instances when a garage is included, then some modifications may be in order as the garage may have been used for storage or as an office suite during the life span of the display. Security fencing surrounding the property and cutting through what would be the drive-way may need to be removed by a professional. The ideal of owning and moving into a brand new home, go to house renovations in Adelaide.

Purchasing a display home with the intentions of moving in can work out to be more expensive as the house is expected to be built to a higher standard, however, you’ll have quality assurance on the workmanship. As the builders would be seeking to create sales from their displays, the house needs to be immaculately presented and built to perfection. You may be lucky to have extra features included that a typical home would not be equipped with. If you do your right research, some real estate developers also offer furniture, general appliances, curtains or carpeting in their packages. Of course, electrical goods may be out of warranty once the lease is up and there’s no telling if the product companies will replace goods that are faulty. There are numerous ideas for landscaping in Adelaide

There is also an investment opportunity while the house is still being used as a display home. The builders pay up to about double the market value of rent to you during the lease. In addition many also fork out all the outgoing costs of maintaining the house and the landscape, including touch ups such as re-painting. With the presumed foot traffic likely to wear out the carpet, you can expect these will be taken care of too.