Parenting is not an easy feat. You think you are ready for it but when you get your hands on the deck no amount of preparation will prepare you to face the difficult challenges you will have to face on a daily basis. Each day brings a brand new challenge and the word multi-tasker will not be tested anywhere as it would be tested with your parenting skills. Sometimes you want to sit down and cry and sometimes you want to jump up and down in elated joy. Life is a balance between parenting and everything else on the other side of the scale and you must get the balance just right. Now don’t think even for one second that I am discouraging you from ever being a parent. No, the words “mom” and “dad” are one of the best titles you will ever receive and will be the best blessing you ever had.

What I am however trying to emphasize is the huge burden of responsibility a parent has to shoulder. To be able to cope up with such immense duties and responsibilities require a lot of effort and time. You must always be ready to face whatever comes your way and must be able to handle it with great care.

For an example take some of the first aid courses in Perth that are offered by various reputed institutions that will enable you to be confident about any given situation. Preparing for the worst case scenario should be your motto because you never know what your little ones are up to and where it will end.

You must at least know the basics and a little more than the basics when it comes to specific activities that the child engages in. For an example your child may be wanting to be a professional swimmer and you decide to send him/her to a swimming class at a very young age. Your first aid knowledge about things that will happen during swimming (like leg cramps, muscle pains, and of course drowning itself) should be in top condition. Take CPR refresher courses that allows you to save your child (or any other around him/her for that matter). Knowing the proper way of doing things is the key. It might look easy on TV but let me tell you this, in real life it is much harder.

In TV if they don’t like the way a scene came out they can shoot it again. But with your child it won’t be the same. There will be no second shooting. There will be only one and that is all in your own hands.