I am constantly seeing adverts about suing people for workplace accidents, finishing the ad with the guarantee of “no win no fee”. I began to wonder how this works. Obviously the drink driving lawyers cannot guarantee that they will win every case, so how do they make money if they aren’t charging when they lose their case? I haven’t had the need for legal services before so I am not sure about how they exactly work but I know that cases take a long time and that they cost a lot of money.

I thought I should do a bit more investigation in to what actually goes in to the process of being able to offer the “no win no fee” guarantee to clients. The websites I could find on the subject explained the fact that the process of “no win- no fee” was created so that people who had less money could afford lawyers, as this is a very expensive practice. They then go on to further explain that the way it actually works is that if you claim and it doesn’t get accepted then you don’t have to pay, but if you claim and it does get accepted you have to pay the lawyer fees as well as a “success fee” if you win the case. So really it is a fool proof plan. This way they can get more cases off people that usually wouldn’t claim because they couldn’t afford it, and if that person has a good case then they get most of the money the person makes off claiming. Great site to learn more about criminal law cases.

Really this is a massive rip off for people that would probably have an easier time dealing with the situation if they didn’t get involved with lawyers at all. This way they go through a whole lot of hassle and have to give most their money to the lawyer at the end of the day. I guess this explains why so many places have this deal offered to people. Also this explains why they have the adverts on television during the day when they know that people who have been hurt at work will be home and watching television. This whole system is made to lure in people in the lower socio economic demographic to try and claim for their injuries at work.

I hope that such a scheme does not affect too many people in such a difficult position, as they could end up with a load of legal fees without actually earning any money or benefits. I feel like this could push people that are already in a desperate or hard position in to more debt and financial strife. There should be more warnings about the consequences of taking out these claims and an explanation of what can go wrong if someone does claim and does not win. Really it is no win- lots of fees.