Sadly, there is a major stigma associated with using old clothes or reusing some one else’s worn clothing however, if we simply unlearn everything we have learnt and start doing our own research, we will see that reusing clothing is the best thing that we can do not only for the environment but also for ourselves as we can save thousands of dollars on clothing and still find some amazing picks at the thrift store. As everybody says, one individual’s rubbish is another person’s wealth. Many people discard of their used clothing not because they are too old or because they are not wearable but because they cannot fit in to them anymore. This means, that you are likely to find nearly new clothes at a fraction of the price that you would pay at a regular store. In many cases, these thift stores are run by charities and therefore you will have another benefit of buying from these stores as the small amounts of money that you do pay for your clothing will go directly to charity to help someone in need. Therefore buying second hand is a win win win situation for everyone concerned and the environment as well. 

Maintaining hygiene

Of course, there is the issue of hygiene. One of the main reasons that many people will not opt for second hand is because they are concerned about using clothing that was once used by a stranger however, if you give all of your clothes to dry cleaning, they will be disinfected and cleaned to perfection before you actually wear them.

It is also important for you to keep in mind that the chances of contracting some kind of disease from wearing someone else’s clothing are almost negligible and our concerns actually stem from our fear and our aversion to strangers. The truth is, most of these clothes will be save to wear without dry cleaners Richmond however if you are extremely concerned, you may get them cleaned and disinfected to be safe and to give you piece of mind.

In fact, it is not only the clothing that other people discard of that can be up cycled. If you have some old clothing laying around in your wardrobe that you no longer use or that you have discarded for home use, you can still up cycle them in to gorgeous outfits if you are creative enough and even if you are not, you are likely to find hundreds of ideas on the internet and on Youtube.