Who doesn’t love art?

Many people love looking at it and love to own it too. Unfortunately for the majority of us, good and famous art pieces are extremely expensive and dealers can be super selective too. This is especially true of modern art. While most people do not understand modern art, it is all about breaking the 4th wall, forcing viewers to participate and actually work to find meaning behind the installations, and challenging the institutions. If you are a lover of modern art who cannot afford it, or you love art regardless and want to revel in it a little more, why not turn your house into a modern art installation? Here goes:

Plan Your Project

Not all art can go into all spaces, so the first thing to is to plan your project. Turn you bathroom into a musing on modern art, and the Sydney kitchens into the Renaissance. Think about how much space you have and how disturbing or complimentary the room will look with the installations. For instance, do not hang any portraits or violent art pieces in the bathroom or bedroom as those are rooms you spend some time in. Instead, have those in a hallway or the front lounge and put dreamy landscapes and things in the bedroom.

Go Shopping

Once you have a plan you need to go shopping before, say, the kitchen renovations Sydney begin so that you know exactly how much space to clear up for each piece. Remember that the goal here is affordability, so do not spend too much money on anything. Instead, pay attention to the different pieces and how they are composed so that you can recreate them at home. Also, concentrate on fun pieces you can make at home with your friends. For instance, you can make a knife rack with discarded cardboard tissue rolls stuck together and painted over.

Installation and Maintenance

Once the planning and prepping is done, complete the installation with some friends. Have an interactive piece of art as well, such as a long framed white sheet on which everyone can sign their names or draw a little doodle. That is a fun thing for children to do when they come over. Or you can turn a section of a wall into an old-fashioned black board with coloured chalk for people to draw on. There are plenty of other ideas, like drawing on the walls with invisible ink and having a black light trained on that wall that responds to movement – your friends won’t know what hit them! For more information, please click here.