Nowadays youngsters are more into establishing their own trail of companies than to work for someone else. It can be simply due to fact that they are brought up to be more individualistic and competitive. It is certainly not their fault because it is obvious that the studying styles in schools, and other things in childhood and their education gaining period, people tend to make their children more competitive. They are all trained to be the race horses will is running towards the same goal or finished ending. Even whole choosing area of career most of them go towards things like top jobs in their country. For example, most of the Indian students go for doctor, engineers and lawyers. Nowadays, they are doing some other fields like bio technology and other research fields. It is highly remarkable to think that these people will work for someone else when they are always competing with someone or for something, they will not feel like they will have to work under someone. Therefore, the competition is pretty high and big. Everyone needs to get profit and win this game. 

In all business, it is obvious that there will be high competition and sometimes, you will have to spend a little extra on something and you might be facing overhead costs and it can be cut down. These are like the smaller and negligence amount of money but over the year they actually get a huge difference in your profit. For example, you might be spending around five thousand to six thousand for the papers and other things like files, when you add them up for twelve months, you will be spending sixty thousand to seventy two thousands for these things which is not even important! You can save your files in electronics portable devices like pen drives, flash disk and other electronic methods. Turn your office with no papers and stationery. You can save a lot of money spent on these things which is seriously not at all important. You can also cut off money spent on establishing a separate PR team. You can get the PR agency Surry Hills, to help you out and they get paid for a lot lesser than you have to give them because you are not the only one who is employing them and they get lots of other projects to do. That way they will not charge you a lot of money.

You can try to go green by recycling all recyclable things in the office. You can also let company busses that way, it will be additional income and they are more likely to be an additional source for income and make things like carpooling and others more promoted.

The paper plates or whatever plates you are getting or serving food in office cafeteria should be recycled or just washable that way the amount of money going into those items can be saved and used. You can always try finding freelancers for doing your job rather than using high paid people who should be always given pay raises and bonus not to mention the other things like travel for something for office needs to paid extra for those services. Moreover, married or not, have kids or not, single mom or single dad everyone will be assigned a target to complete and they are supposed to finish it.